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Friday, August 10, 2012
“This Is a Promised…All Around Law Enforcement Ass Kickin”..From Me!
This is what happens when i send a google my,Local FBI Office,And Our Counterparts..Canadian Fraud Address…I am Just Alittle..Angry,Again!!

Merci d #65533;avoir communiqu #65533; avec le Centre Anti Fraude du Canada. Votre courriel a
#65533;t #65533; re #65533;u. #65533;tant donn #65533; la grande quantit #65533; de courriels qui nous sont envoy #65533;s,
vous ne recevrez aucun suivi.

Si vous #65533;tes victime d #65533;un vol d #65533;identit #65533;, avez perdu de l #65533;argent, n #65533;avez pas
re #65533;u la marchandise ou les services promis, #65533;tes dans le processus d #65533;envoyer de
l #65533;argent ou avez des questions ou des inqui #65533;tudes, veuillez composer notre
num #65533;ro sans frais, 1-888-495-8501, et en discuter avec un repr #65533;sentant. En
raison d #65533;un nombre sp #65533;cialement #65533;lev #65533; d #65533;appels, l #65533;attente peut #65533;tre excessive.

SVP veuillez prendre note que le CAFC est le d #65533;p #65533;t central de donn #65533;es sur les
fraudes. Notre unit #65533; d #65533;analyse de renseignement criminel fournit un soutient
aux agences responsables de l #65533;application de la loi%2
Posted by marandalaw2012 at 8:30 AM

Wired’s Danger Room blog reports that the Army’s new football field-sized blimp made its first test flight over New Jersey this week.

Officially called the Long-Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle, it was built by U.K. firm Hybrid Air Vehicles and aerospace giant Northrop Grumman.

Provided further testing goes smoothly, the LEMV could deploy to Afghanistan for combat trials in early 2013, floating thousands of feet over the battlefield for, Northrop hopes, entire weeks on end, scanning for insurgents. K.C. Brown, Jr., Northrop’s director of Army programs, told Danger Room the LEMV could also pull double duty, hauling military cargo out of landlocked Afghanistan as part of the Pentagon’s war drawdown.


It might make for quite the lighter-than-air mule: Northrop claims the LEMV has enough buoyancy to haul seven tons of cargo 2,400 miles at 30 miles per hour.


Read the full story at Danger Room

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