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Crime Stoppers International Supports Online Training Program To Spot Signs of Human Trafficking Launched in United Kingdom

by Crime Stoppers International on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 at 1:52pm ·

Media Release

October 9 2012


Crime Stoppers International:

Supports Online Training Program To Spot Signs of

Human Trafficking Launched in UK


Crime Stoppers international (CSI) is the peak body of registered Crime Stoppers programs

in 17 countries around the world. The actions of Crime Stoppers people in those countries

helps solve a crime every 14 minutes somewhere in the world.


CSI President Alex MacDonald states, “ This is an excellent initiative from the UK, one which is

globally transferable. This is a significant step in educating the world about one of the most

horrific crimes.”


Independent crime-fighting charity Crime Stoppers is backing a new e-training programme

that intends to educate both the general public and people in the workplace on human

trafficking and recognising victims of this crime type.


The online course, called Human Trafficking Uncovered (HTU), is the result of a

collaboration between Nick Kinsella, acknowledged anti-trafficking specialist, in conjunction

with The Sheffield College and Crime Stoppers .


The course has been launched ahead of a new European Union directive that the UK has

signed up to which comes into force in April 2013, and is a collaborative project involving a

number of organizations, including Love146, all with the same goal of cutting the number of

Human Trafficking crimes.


The Sheffield College, in South Yorkshire, has an award-winning reputation for delivering

online courses nationally and internationally and will be responsible for running the course.

Human Trafficking Uncovered is believed to be the first course of its kind to be online,

developed and delivered by a further education college, and to receive certification.

The program equips the public, professionals and businesses with the practical

knowledge needed to recognize and react appropriately to help protect a trafficked person

and take action to help catch those committing the offense.


The modular based training program which brings together the knowledge and expertise of renowned and respected

specialists in combating human trafficking, allows employers to demonstrate their

commitment to educating and training their employees on this subject.


The true extent of the problem is unknown due to the covert nature of the crime but it is

believed that there are now more people in forms of modern day slavery than ever before.

Statistics released by the UN earlier this year indicated that there are around 20 million

victims of human trafficking at any one time globally, while the annual value of human

trafficking is almost £20 billion ($32 Billion).


Crime Stoppers ’ mechanism for passing on information about crime anonymously is a big

reason for its support for this course. It offers an outlet should you discover you have

information about Human Trafficking offences. You can be safe in the knowledge that you

can come to the charity, without having to reveal who you are, where you work, or where you



Crime Stoppers has been fighting crime for almost 25 years, and it is raising awareness of

crime through courses such as the one being run by The Sheffield College, that support its

work with law enforcement agencies.


Rodger Holden, Director of Business Development for Crime Stoppers said: “Crime Stoppers

is delighted to officially support this programme that goes a long way in helping raise

awareness of human trafficking and what we can do to try and combat it. We will be

launching a human trafficking campaign later this year so this online course offers a unique

opportunity to help educate the UK public about this crime.


Nick Kinsella said: “Human trafficking is an extremely serious crime that attacks the dignity

and undermines the fundamental human rights of its victims. Many people think of it as a

remote issue, something that happens only abroad, but human trafficking is also a local

issue and can be happening right now in your streets and communities. This course helps

to dispel some myths on this subject including that UK nationals are not trafficked. They are.

“Everyone has a role to play in tackling human trafficking, helping to bring the criminals to

justice and protect victims. This course aims to raise awareness amongst professionals and

the general public, by providing a comprehensive understanding of the types of trafficking

impacting on the UK, the growing response to the problem and by giving them the

information on how to recognise the signs of human trafficking, what to do about it and how

to report it.”


“By explaining the problem in an interesting and inter-active way I hope that this course will

help to increase peoples understanding of the issue and therefore lead to greater prevention

of the crime and protection of the vulnerable.”


If you or your business is interested in signing up for the HTU course you can contact The

Sheffield College on 0114 260 2600 or go to

If you have any information on human trafficking or any crime, please contact Crime

Stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or through our secure online form at http://www.Crime


Fore more information please contact Crime Stoppers Media Officer Kieran Theivam

on 0208 835 3727 or email kieran.theivam@Crime


CSI contact:

Peter Price OAM : Vice President and Media Director: +61417996600 /



Notes to editors: Crime Stoppers


• Crime Stoppers will receive a payment for every online training course user licence

sold through all business development/sales channels where the Crime Stoppers

logo and name is included. Funds will go towards the charity’s objective of fighting

crime and helping keep communities safe across the UK.


• Crime Stoppers is an independent charity which helps the police to solve crimes,

making communities safer. It does this by operating the 24/7 telephone number 0800

555 111 which people can ring to pass on information about crimes anonymously.

They can also use our ‘giving information’ form via our website http://www.Crime Stoppers which is also accessible via internet-enabled mobile phones


• Around 22 people are arrested and charged every day as a result of information

given to Crime Stoppers .


• Since Crime Stoppers began in 1988, it has received over a million actionable calls,

resulting in over 113,000 arrests and charges. Over £122 million worth of goods has

been recovered and over £223 million worth of drugs has been seized.


• In 2005, Crime Stoppers launched the UK’s Most Wanted on its website which

allows the public to view images of criminals and pass on vital information about their

whereabouts. It has been highly successful with over 1,000 arrests to date.


• Crime Stoppers UK was founded by Lord Ashcroft, KCMG, Chairman of Trustees,

who in 1988 launched Crime Stoppers in the Metropolitan Police area. Crime

Stoppers ’ ‘call to action’ is built on a three-way partnership between the business

community, the police and the media.



• Nick Kinsella founded and led the UK Human Trafficking Centre from 2006 to 2010

when it was based in Sheffield, and is currently on the board of the United Nations

Global Trust Fund for Victims of Human Trafficking. He has also been involved in

international prevention campaigns and training, and helped to bring the UK’s first

ever successful conviction on human trafficking at Sheffield Crown Court in 2005.


• The Sheffield College’s virtual campus, the Online College, is led by a multi-award

winning team with almost two decades of experience of delivering learning and

training into people’s homes, communities and workplaces locally, nationally and



• The European Union Directive 2011/36/EU on Preventing and Combating Human

Trafficking in Human Beings and Protecting Its Victims, comes into force in April

2013. The directive states that officials likely to come into contact with victims or

potential victims of trafficking in human beings should be adequately trained to

identify and deal with such victims.


• The online course announcement also comes ahead of Anti-Slavery Day, which

raises awareness about the dangers of modern day slavery including human

trafficking and exploitation, and the European Union Anti-Trafficking Day, both of

which take place on Thursday, October 18th 2012. Anti-Slavery Day falls on October

18th every year to acknowledge that men, women and children continue to be victims

of modern day slavery, a largely hidden and brutal crime, and encourages people to

be proactive in the fight against it.



Human Trafficking Initiative Led by Nick Kinsella presented to delegates at 2012 33rd Annual Crime Stoppers International Training Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada USA October 1-4, 2012

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