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Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2012 09:49:43 +1100
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Government abandons plans for internet filter by chief political correspondent Simon Cullen Updated 19 minutes ago

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10:01 AM on 09/11/2012

i’m shocked (NOT). so how much time, effort and more importantly tax payer $ was completely wasted on this exercise?

seriously, would like to know conroy. come clean, tell us why this got any legs to begin with and how much of our money you squandered.

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albertus magnus

9:55 AM on 09/11/2012

Good riddance to bad policy. Child porn might have been the pretext, but the secret filter, as I recall on Conroy’s own admission – “unwanted material” or similar, would have had broader applications. Now if they apply a counselling qualification test to the chaplaincy program they might get my vote back.

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tory boy

9:49 AM on 09/11/2012

Surely Conroy must now fall on his sword after defending the filter for so many years? What possible shred of integrity does this man now have left?

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sparrow prince

9:48 AM on 09/11/2012

Absolutely correct decision and a back down on a stupid knee jerk reaction initially.
I can’t seen how either us or the US of A can advocate the secret censoring of internet sites and then criticise countries such as China for doing the same.
There are checks and balances in place along with appropriate penalties for addressing child pornography without giving any Government the ability to restrict our daily use, based on political, religious, sociological, ‘patriotic’ reasons and ideologies.
At the end of the day, I ask the question, “Do I trust my Government enough to give them this power?” and the answer is an emphatic, “No.”

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9:31 AM on 09/11/2012

About time Senator Conroy realized that Censorship has no role in Australian Culture. Child abuse is a criminal activity that must be prosecuted at the cause. Blocking the Internet doesnt stop the abuse.

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9:29 AM on 09/11/2012

It’s about time!

That it has taken so much time for this decision leaves one wondering about Minister Conroy’s ability to efficiently assess the opinion of the electorate. Not a good characteristic for a senior minister of the government.

But to his ultimate credit, the minister did see the light and realise the hopelessness of this Christian lobby initiated folly.

To persist with such a ridiculous notion would have done little more than breed a new brand of software development to work around the problem. And have no fears, that would have happened.

If the Christian lobby cannot impart the necessary morals and honour within its children to ensure that they have no desire to access web sites which may “pollute” their thinking, then please, do not let them drag us all down to their “let’s leave it to the government to fix” standards.

For perceived better or for worse, censorship can only be destructive to the full and complete flow of information about all things to all persons. And any infringement of that right is the first step on the downward spiral towards anarchy and dictatorship – yes; even in Australia.

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9:24 AM on 09/11/2012

Five years of bluster says it all. How many people do the Chinese employ trying to filter out unwanted content?

Another case of announce the policy, then try to figure out how to implement it, realise you can’t, spend years claiming you can, then give up.

What has Conroy achieved apart from doubling the cost of the NBN – which now reaches about five people in Tasmania?

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9:22 AM on 09/11/2012

It is about time!! Labor should just endorse some Wowserware for those that want it & get on with the NBN. I am very happy they flushed this one.

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9:17 AM on 09/11/2012

Has the government said why they are abandoning their policy ? Im thinking maybe it taken them a few years to accept their plan wasn’t going to work

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9:16 AM on 09/11/2012

Of course this is very good news. I have to ask though- if Interpol already has a list of those ‘worst of the worst’ sites that the filter was supposed to block in the first place (I distinctly recall Conroy using those exact words to describe the content the filter was designed to block) then why was the intention of the filter to block the extremely broad ‘Refused Classification’ category? Could have avoided a good deal of the worry just by blocking those sites on Interpol’s list to begin with!

I’m glad the ACA is upset. They’re not real conservatives at all, just modern day Puritans with their blue laws.

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9:08 AM on 09/11/2012

It would seem that Governments are prepared to take on issues of climate over issues of safe internet use. I am a parent of two children an am amazed at how liberal this nations attitude is toward accessing pornography. This indifferent response to a vary serious matter will significantly impact on our current and following generations. Another win for freedom of choice over role and responsibility.

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9:02 AM on 09/11/2012

Common sense!! Censorship has no place in society and while I abhor child abuse, there are few (if any) means to stop a determined person accessing any site regardless of “blocks” and “filters” which ruins any argument for said filter. The filter appeared to be aimed at more than just horrid sites, but no one ought to abdicate the decision of what they can read to a third party. It is a slippery slope from there to being a “controlled informed person”. The money saved could be better spent in other areas that are effective. Now we have to hope Turnbull does not keep bashing the NBN and its benefits.


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