Contact details for current members who have a question about their pension

If you are currently employed in the Civil Service or an organisation using the Civil Service pension arrangements, you must contact the MyCSP Pension Service Centre for your employer – we receive very high volumes of the same query so before you contact MyCSP please take a moment to have a quick look at our  “How Do I” – Frequently Asked Questions page –  it’s likely the answer you need is there.

To contact MyCSP please visit the MyCSP helplines section. Select your employer from the A-Z and this will present the contact details of the MyCSP site that holds your member records.

Contact details for former (deferred) members and those already in receipt of payments

If you worked for the Civil Service previously (for more than 2 years) you are called a deferred member and will need to contact Capita directly with your enquiry – Capita make payments of  Civil Service pensions and administer preserved benefits. Members with preserved benefits can also  access their pension online and update their details through the Capita Member Access website. [external website]

Capita Member Access website – My Pension Online?

People in receipt of payments can  securely view their payslips and P60 details by registering with the Capita website – MyPension Online. [external website]  Access to the data held by Capita is completely secure and members are only able to access and update their own pension records. You will be required to login or register to access the site.

Reporting a bereavement

If you are reporting the death of a person in receipt of  payments please do so by  contacting Capita directly.

General pension enquiries

Use the form below if you wish to comment on the website or are unable to find the answer to your query on our website.

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