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FBI’s Top Ten News Stories for the Week Ending June 14, 2013

Washington, D.C.June 14, 2013
  • FBI National Press Office(202) 324-3691
  1. Cleveland: Man Convicted of Trying to Use Explosives to Destroy a Bridge in Northeast Ohio

    Joshua Stafford is the last of five men to be found guilty for their roles in a conspiracy to destroy the Route 82 Brecksville-Northfield High Level Bridge. Full Story 

  2. Seattle: Clarkston Man Sentenced for Attempting to Provide Material Support to Terrorists

    Joseph Jefferey Brice received more than 12 years in prison for attempting to assist a “terrorist” with manufacturing an improvised explosive device over the Internet. Full Story

  3. New York: Man Sentenced for Trafficking in Stolen Identification Information for More Than 100,000 Online Accounts

    Justin Mills received six years in prison for trafficking access devices, including stolen credit card numbers and stolen login information for online accounts at Paypal and other financial websites. Full Story 

  4. New Haven: Romanian Citizen Involved in Phishing Scheme Sentenced to More Than Six Years in Prison

    Dragos Nicolae Draghici used stolen personal and financial information to access bank accounts and lines of credit to withdraw funds without authorization, often from ATMs in Romania. Full Story

  5. Phoenix: Former Congressman Convicted of Extortion and Bribery in Illegal Federal Land Swap

    Richard G. Renzi, then a member of Congress from Arizona’s 1st Congressional District, promised in 2005 to use his legislative influence to profit from a federal land exchange that involved property owned by real estate investor James W. Sandlin. Full Story

  6. New York: Former State Senate Majority Leader Sentenced to Five Years in Prison

    Pedro Espada, Jr. stole federal funds from Bronx-based, non-profit health care clinics and lied on his 2005 personal tax return. Full Story
  7. St. Louis: Former Chief of St. Clair Fire Protection District and Ladue Fire Department Sentenced on Federal Fraud and Tax Charges

    Eric Hinson was sentenced to 35 months in prison on mail fraud and multiple tax evasion charges involving his misuse of St. Clair Fire Protection District funds between January 2006 and September 2011. Full Story

  8. Newark: President of Clinical Laboratory, Six Salesmen Admit Bribing Doctors for More Than $100 Million in Test Referrals

    Each of the seven defendants pleaded guilty for their roles in a kickback scheme in which they paid physicians over a number of years in exchange for blood sample referrals. Full Story

  9. Louisville: Former FBI Fugitives Plead Guilty to Conspiracy to Distribute a Controlled Substance and Operating an Unlicensed Money Transmitting Business

    Abdalla Hajisufi and his son, Mohamed, failed to appear in federal court for arraignment in June 2012 and were fugitives until their arrests in January 2013. Full Story

  10. New Orleans: Multi-Agency Gang Unit Investigation Nets Indictment of 20 Defendants

    Members of the 3-N-G gang allegedly conspired to distribute illegal narcotics and used violence to gain and maintain its control over the area in which it operated. Full Story


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